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Monday, April 24, 2000, Ep. #3285

Amber and Stephanie watch as the party goes on. Amber thanks Stephanie, but Steph was happy to do this for little Eric, especially since it will be the last birthday he will spend with his mother. Eric tries to feed Becky some cake, but she turns him down. Stephanie and Amber encourage her to at least taste a bite, but Becky says no, so C.J. is quick to grab her piece. As a concerned Amber looks on, C.J. wonders what is going on.

Amber goes out on the patio and starts crying. Eric sees her and comes outside, explaining that he knows about Becky. He thinks it is a tragedy for Becky, and Amber says it is a tragedy for all of them, especially the baby, who will lose the mother he has just started bonding with. She asks if she is doing the right thing. Eric is not sure, and Amber starts to wonder. How can she tell Becky it's over? Eric asks if the doctor is sure, and Amber explains that they caught the cancer too late. Even if Becky knew, she would not want to be on a machine. Eric says it is a brave thing Amber is doing, but Amber confesses she is terrified. In tears, Eric comforts her with a hug... and just then, C.J. comes outside and sees them.

Brooke and Thorne talk about Stephanie's attitude towards Amber. Brooke thinks something is up, although they both agree that they cannot figure out what it is. Brooke asks where Macy is, and Thorne says that she had to be somewhere so he left her a message. He notices that it is getting late.

C.J. waits until he can catch Amber alone and asks what is going on. Nothing, Amber says, but C.J. is not buying it. Amber says that she never thought she would be welcome here again, but C.J. knows she is hiding something and wants to know what it is. Their confrontation is interrupted by Becky, who tells C.J. that she wants to call it a night, so she asks him to come inside. He does, and Becky then makes another speech, thanking the Forrester family for everything they did for her and her son. They have allowed her and little Eric to become a part of their lives, and she is grateful for that. She is standing with C.J. and the baby and she breaks into tears.

Thorne tries to call Macy on his cell phone, but her cell phone is turned off. He tells him mother that he has to leave, and she tells him to go be with his wife. Thorne accidentally leaves his cell phone behind as he heads off to meet Macy.

As Macy's A.A. meeting begins, she wonders where Thorne is. The group leader calls the meeting to order and invites Roberta, the woman Macy is sponsoring, up to the podium to recognize that she has been sober for 60 days. As Roberta says, "I'm an alcoholic, and I haven't had a drink for 60 days," everyone applauds. She admits how she almost took a drink after a problem with her husband came up, but Macy stopped her. With Macy's encouragement, she has faith that she can stop drinking and keep going, one day, one minute at a time.

Thorne's cell phone starts ringing. Brooke does not know whose phone it is but, seeing it ringing, picks it up. On the other end, a shocked and silent Macy wonders, what is Brooke doing with Thorne?

The party breaks up. Brooke, Becky, C.J., Rick and Kimberly leave, leaving Amber to stay behind with Eric and Stephanie. As he heads for the door, C.J. notices Amber talking with Eric and Stephanie and again wonders... He asks Amber if she wants a lift, but Eric volunteers to take Amber home. C.J. thanks them again for having this party for Becky and takes his leave. Amber laments that C.J. will be crushed when he finds out about Becky. Eric says he did not realize C.J. and Becky were that close. "They're in love," a crying Amber says, as Stephanie again gives her a hug,

Thorne arrives at the A.A. meeting, but everyone has gone... including Macy, who is at home. She cannot get her mind off the fact that Brooke answered Thorne's phone and that Thorne missed her meeting. She frantically paces through the kitchen and finds herself near the refrigerator. Opening it up, she sees a bottle inside. She picks it up and looks at it...

Tuesday, April 25, 2000, Ep. #3286

At Forrester, Ridge is busy massaging his wife's feet. Taylor loves it, but says she has to be going to meet Morgan. Brooke must not be giving Morgan enough to do as she has time for all these lunch dates with Taylor, Ridge jokes. Taylor, however, is not sure where she is meeting her, as all Morgan gave her is an address. Ridge doesn't think it's such a bad idea that his wife and Morgan are becoming such close friends, since Morgan needs someone to talk to. Taylor, however, is worried that Morgan is moving too fast since returning to Paris. After confiding her worries to Ridge, she leaves.

At Thorne and Macy's, Thorne tries to apologize for missing the A.A. meeting. Macy says that he missed Roberta getting her 60 day chip, but Thorne promises to make it up to her. Maybe the two of them can take Roberta out to eat and have their own celebration, he suggests. Macy seems cold, so Thorne asks what is going on. Macy asks where Thorne was, and he says he was at his mother's and he was unable to get to Macy on her cell phone. "But your phone was on," Macy informs him, telling him that Brooke answered it when she called. Thorne explains about the party: his mother had invited everyone, even C.J., Amber and Brooke. "Except me," Macy says. "And Ridge and Taylor," Thorne adds. If Ridge and Taylor missed the party, Macy wonders, then why could Thorne not have done the same? Thorne is tired of defending himself, but Macy worries that he is spending so much time with Brooke. That was work, Thorne says. "What about last night? You were supposed to make time for us!" Macy reminds him. Thorne apologizes to his wife and kisses her. Macy suggests that he take the day off, but he says he has a meeting to get to. "I suppose Brooke will be there," Macy guesses. Thorne senses this will be a problem, but Macy tells him to go, so Thorne heads off.

Taylor arrives at the address Morgan gave her and finds that it's a fertility clinic. She goes inside and finds Morgan in the waiting room. Taylor wonders what is going on, but Morgan admits that she knows Taylor would not have come if she knew it was a fertility clinic. Taylor again advises Morgan that this is a major step, but Morgan is determined to do this. "Have you talked to the doctor?" Taylor asks. Morgan says that Dr. Palmer is an excellent doctor and she IS going to do this. Taylor worries that Morgan has just settled into town and may not even like her job, so perhaps she should wait. Morgan remains determined. Just then, Dr. Palmer comes in and says he is ready to see Morgan, so she and Taylor go into the doctor's office. At first, he thinks Taylor wants to see him about insemination as well, but she informs him that she is happily married with three kids. The doctor then turns to Morgan, explaining just what she is undertaking in becoming a single parent through insemination. The most important thing to have will be support, he states. Morgan says she will have support, but Taylor suggests that the doctor give Morgan all the facts first. The doctor agrees. As the doctor shows Morgan some catalogs, she thinks to herself... can she ever replace the child Stephanie took from her?

Ridge returns to his office to find Stephanie waiting there for him. When Stephanie asks Ridge if he had gotten the message about the party, Ridge is cold to her. She asks Ridge why he is avoiding the family, but he says he is not avoiding the family... just her. That won't happen either, Stephanie vows: she will not let Morgan tear the family apart! When Ridge comes down on her for what she did, Stephanie defends her actions, saying she would do it again. She has no regrets. Ridge cannot believe this. Ridge then tells her how traumatized Morgan has been over the years, and he is incensed that his mother would abort his child! He says, "You took advantage of her and told her I wouldn't want the child, and you convinced her that she should have an abortion... and once she was out of town, you didn't give her a second thought!" Ridge informs his mother that Morgan is so caught up in this that all she wants is to have a child, and he wants Stephanie to take responsibility for that. "Admit how you hurt Morgan and ME!" Ridge says. Steph says that Ridge is not affected, but he argues that his mother betrayed him. "I had a right to know!" he shouts.

Worried after her conversation with Thorne, Macy is alone in the kitchen. She the bottle of wine on the counter and is tempted to drink it. She calls Roberta for help, but only gets her answering machine. Desperate, Macy starts looking through the drawers for a corkscrew. She she gets the bottle open, she stops and asks herself, "What am I doing?" Taking the bottle to the sink, she pours the contents down the drain. She cries out, "What is happening? What am I to you, Thorne? An obligation? A frustration? Do you want me, or Brooke? I have to know!"

Wednesday, April 26, 2000, Ep. #3287

Ridge continues to tell his mother off for betraying him. While Morgan was only 17, he was an adult, he says. Stephanie says not quite; he wasn't adult enough to use a condom, so she thinks he was nothing more than a boy. Ridge isn't buying it, but Stephanie again defends what she did. Ridge says she ruined their lives, but Stephanie does not see that. Morgan is not an innocent victim, she maintains, but Ridge knows she has told Eric and Taylor how Morgan is unstable. He wants it to stop, and he does not want her harassing him, Taylor or especially Morgan about this. If he finds out Stephanie went to the beach house to see Morgan... When Stephanie asks what about the beach house, Ridge realizes he slipped but says it does not matter. He is ready to leave, but Stephanie wants more information about how Morgan is having a child. Is Taylor helping her? "Leave her alone!" Ridge shouts as he storms out.

Morgan and Taylor marvel at the range of options she has to choose from in picking a father for her child. However, Morgan tells the doctor she already knows what kind of man she wants for a father. She asks the doctor how it works, and the doctor explains how they use frozen sperm which are tested for diseases and birth defects. However, the freezing does not affect the viability of the sperm. They also limit the number of samples from a donor to 4, to decrease the chances of possible cross-breeding if the same donor inseminates more than one woman. He then shows Taylor and Morgan the room where they do the pre-examinations and gives Morgan some details on how the insemination process works. It is not really painful, he explains. As Taylor asks the doctor some questions, Morgan panics as the room reminds her of the abortion. There is a look of horror on her face as she suddenly collapses! Taylor and the doctor try to help her, but Morgan thinks she should leave and quickly exits.

Sally and Clarke are at Cafe Russe for lunch. Sally explains that she has invited Becky for lunch so they can find out what the deal is with Stephanie and Amber. Clarke really doesn't care and does not want to be part of any inquisitions, but Sally insists that, because C.J. is involved with Amber's cousin Becky, they should find out. Perhaps Amber is blackmailing the Forresters or doing something else criminal. Just then, there is a crash at the next table, where Amber is hard at work as a bus girl and has just dropped some silverware. Clarke asks Amber if she is working or eavesdropping, and Sally starts quizzing Amber about the party. Amber panics as Sally explains that Becky is coming... maybe she can tell her how Amber tricked the Forresters. Just then, Becky arrives, saying she cannot stay for more than an appetizer. She asks her cousin to tell Sally and Clarke about the party, but Amber says she should get some bread. "Hurry back," Sally tells her; she still wants to chat with Amber.

Becky then tells Sally about the party, including how all the Forresters accepted Amber. She wishes she could talk more, but she has to go check in on the baby. Once she is gone, Sally says that this makes her even more determined to find out what is going on, since Becky said the whole family was there with Amber. Off to the side, Amber stands by, worried. She returns to the table, where Sally asks her what is going on. She explains that since C.J. is involved with Becky, she is determined to make sure that her son will not get hurt. She demands that Amber tell her what is going on, because she intends to find out!

Taylor arrives at Ridge's office for lunch and tells him about the visit to the clinic. She explains how Morgan was shaken and worries about how freaked out she was. "Was it like an operating room?" Ridge asks. More like a gynecologist's office, very sterile, Taylor says. She realizes that it was not the most comforting place, but she is still concerned about Morgan. Ridge promises to check up on Morgan later as Taylor gives her husband a kiss and leaves.

Morgan comes home to the beach house. She puts her things down and does not see a figure sitting by the window: it's Stephanie, who says hello, stunning Morgan. Stephanie gets right to the point and tells Morgan to stop finding excuses to be close to Ridge. She can only imagine what lies she is telling. "I told Ridge the truth," Morgan insists! Stephanie guesses that Morgan is here for revenge, but Morgan denies it. "Is that why you want to have a baby?" Stephanie asks. Morgan wonders how Stephanie knows about that, but Stephanie says it is not important. What matters is that Morgan packs her bags, gets out of this house and leaves her son alone! No, Morgan says! Not this time! She let Stephanie run her off last time, but this time she is not going anywhere!

Thursday, April 27, 2000, Ep. #3288

Morgan shows Stephanie the door and tells her not come back: the next time, she will call the police. "Oh, so this is home now?" Stephanie asks. She points out that it is only through the generosity of Ridge and Taylor, and even Brooke, that Morgan is living in this place she calls home. Morgan feels confident, as she is having a child, and she boasts that she will raise her baby in the same house Ridge raised his son, with the same love that Ridge and Taylor gave their children.

Ridge and Taylor are at home spending some quality time with the kids; the twins are dressed in referee outfits as Ridge and Thomas roll on the floor. Taylor brings over some snacks and starts feeding her husband. They play with the kids until Taylor says it is nap time... which also means it's time for some contact sports for her and her hubby. She takes the twins in her arms and asks Thomas to follow. She then calls out, "Time for everybody to get to bed." She looks toward Ridge and repeats the word, "Everybody," and Ridge appears to get his wife's hint as to what she has in mind.

Sally demands that Amber tell her what is going on. It's nothing, Amber says, but Sally cannot believe that Amber has suddenly fallen back into the good graces of the Forresters. Clarke adds that their son is involved with Becky, so they want to know what is going on. Sally again asks Amber, but before she can respond, Becky returns to the table and wonders what is going on. Amber takes that as her cue to get back to work. As she pours water at another table, she watches Sally's table. Sally starts asking Becky about how Amber and Stephanie have so suddenly made up. Becky sees nothing wrong; it is a miracle, she says. Sally thinks Becky's naivete is charming, but she knows Stephanie holds a grudge from experience, so she cannot see how Stephanie could forgive Amber. Stephanie has changed because of forgiveness, Becky states. But why did that happen? Sally inquires. Becky thinks Stephanie learned from her stroke that she had to forgive before it is too late; she is sure that is why Stephanie forgave Amber. Just then, Becky's beeper goes off, so she has to head back to the office. Sally and Clarke wonder if they should believe her, and Sally says she is only ALMOST convinced.

Eric is in his office looking at a picture of little Eric when there is a knock at the door. It's C.J., who has a favor to ask... but when he sees the picture, he asks Eric if something is wrong. Yes, Eric says, but not with the baby. C.J. is relieved to hear that, and they discuss Becky and how important she has become to C.J. Eric asks what brings C.J. by, and C.J. asks if Becky can have the day off so he can take her to Santa Barbara. Eric agrees, provided C.J. will take care of her. C.J. says he will and thanks Eric: he knows this will mean a lot to Becky and he plans to show her the time of her life. C.J. leaves, and Eric says, "Yeah, you two have the time of your lives."

As Sally and Clarke prepare to leave, they stop to chat with Amber. Sally warns that she will not fall for Amber's tricks. She will find out what Amber is up to, one way or another. Amber again tries to say there is nothing going on. Clarke asks if she is sure, but Sally tells him to save his breath. By the end of the week, she brags, she will know what is going on, and so will everyone else! As Sally and Clarke leave, Amber has a worried look on her face.

C.J. surprises Becky at work. She is thrilled to see him, and he says he has some news... but first, there is something else that he has to do. He kisses her.

Eric calls Amber at the Cafe Russe. He tells her that something has come up, and C.J. must be told about Becky. He instructs Amber to come to his office immediately when she leaves work.

Morgan says that she hopes her having a baby bothers Stephanie: in fact, she hopes it drives her to the brink of insanity. Stephanie asks, "You're having a baby to drive me crazy?" Morgan says, no, that is just a bonus. Stephanie wonders how Morgan intends to get pregnant: she warns that if Morgan plans to involve Ridge, she won't even have to lift a finger to stop her, because Taylor and even Brooke will do it for her. The two of them go back and forth about the abortion, with Morgan again accusing Stephanie of ruining her life. Stephanie tells Morgan to admit that she was a 17 year old, out of control sexpot. There was no way that Ridge would marry her. Morgan was already out of control and that, not the abortion, is what caused the breakdowns Morgan had. Morgan admits she was young and carefree, but Ridge DID seduce her. Stephanie advises Morgan that a baby will not solve her problem, but Morgan disagrees. She brags that she will be artificially inseminated and that Ridge and Taylor are going to help her through it and be close to her and the baby. By forcing Morgan to have the abortion, she argues, Stephanie hurt not only her, but Ridge, and she plans to fix that... and if that hurts Stephanie as well, that will be just fine by Morgan, because she deserves it! She then orders Stephanie to leave and never come back. Stephanie pauses in the doorway a moment and looks at Morgan, and then she leaves.

Friday, April 28, 2000, Ep. #3289

Eric tells Amber that C.J. came by to take Becky to Santa Barbara... and the boy told Eric how much he wanted to do this. Eric realizes that C.J. is in love with Becky, so he said yes... and that is why C.J. must be told the truth about Becky before he takes her away to Santa Barbara. Amber worries that C.J. might tell Becky, and that cannot happen! Maybe Becky should know, Eric thinks, but Amber wants to give Becky a few months of happiness. What about C.J. and his feelings, Eric asks? They are lying to him... and Amber should know what lies can do, Eric reminds her. They have to tell C.J. Amber fears that C.J. might bail on Becky if he knows. Eric admits that may be true, but it must be done before they leave. Amber wants to wait until they return, but Eric points out that something could happen during the trip. Amber painfully agrees and Eric gives her a comforting hug before she leaves.

At Forrester, Becky thinks she should get back to work and C.J. should get back to his schoolwork. He says that his work is all done, and he has a surprise for her. He hands her two gift boxes with fashions for her to wear when he take her away... and he then hands her two tickets for Santa Barbara! They leave today! Becky is thrilled! She gives C.J. a kiss to thank him. This is just the beginning for them, he predicts. He tells her to go pack and to meet him at Spectra, so off they go.

At Insomnia, Kimberly spots her sister; Macy is all flushed and flustered. Macy explains how Thorne missed her A.A. meeting where Roberta got her 6 month pin to be at Stephanie's party... with Brooke! Kimberly says that Thorne was alone, not with Brooke, and there were many people there. "He should have been with me!" Macy says, admitting that ever since that phone call, she has been so worried that she almost took a drink! She can't go on like this, because she feels like her strength is slipping away. Kimberly tells her to stop obsessing over this, but Macy goes back to the phone call. Ridge and Eric were quite clear that Thorne would not have proposed had Ridge not done whatever he did. Maybe Ridge encouraged Thorne? Kimberly guesses. Macy says she has to know for sure... and the one way to do that is to talk to Ridge and make him tell her the answers she needs!

As they conclude a meeting, Ridge tries to ask Brooke how she is feeling. Brooke says the damage has been done already, so he should not be asking that. Ridge hopes that someday, Brooke will be able to forgive him, and he tells her that he is proud of her. When she asks why, he says, "for moving on with your life." Brooke wonders how he came to that conclusion, and he explains that she has finally accepted Thorne's marriage. Yes, Brooke says, she has... but that does not stop her from remembering her feelings for Thorne when she sees him. It is only because she loves him that she backs away. Ridge says he is sorry and points out that Thorne must love Macy to marry her. "You're rationalizing to let yourself off the hook, but I want you to feel guilty!" Brooke shouts. She can't believe she is talking about this. She tells Ridge he must be proud of himself, having gotten what he wants, and she leaves.

Amber looks at Spectra for Sally, but Darla says she is not there. Amber then asks for C.J. Darla points to C.J.'s stuff for the trip and says he should be back soon. Amber looks over at the table and sees roses and romantic stuff. Darla comments that Becky will have a romantic life with stuff like this. Darla has to get back to work, but she tells Amber she can wait. Once Darla is gone, Amber thinks about what this will do to C.J.

Ridge is shocked when Macy comes into his office and says she is here to talk to him, not Thorne. She asks how he and Thorne are getting along, since they have barely seen Ridge since Venice. Ridge says he has been busy, but Macy is not buying, so Ridge admits that he and Thorne have "issues." Macy asks what that means, and Ridge says it is just the usual stuff. Macy thinks there is more to it. When Ridge tries to stop her, she blurts out that something happened between Eric, Ridge, Thorne and Brooke in Venice... and she is not leaving until Ridge tells her what it is!

Becky leaves her cell phone number with the sitter as she prepares to leave. She kisses the baby goodbye and tells him that she will miss him, but she wants her son to know how happy she is!

C.J. comes in and starts tells Amber about his and Becky's trip. Amber says it is "very nice," and he wonders about her lack of enthusiasm. He loves Becky so much and wants to be with her every minute of every day. He is even thinking about a long term commitment for the first time in his life. He could go on, but he has to leave. Amber then asks him to wait and tells him that she has to tell him something about Becky... something important!

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