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Updated on 24-Nov-2016

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First Look at Spoilers: Week of 11/28/2016


Spoilers: Week of 11/07/2016


Liam and Steffy bask in being together, while Ridge shows his disdain for the choices of interim CEO Quinn. And when Quinn makes an offer to Steffy about Steffy's place at Forrester, will Steffy accept Quinn's non-negotiable terms?
Quinn, Eric, Wyatt, Steffy, Liam
Steffy and Liam delight in their reunion and vow that this time is forever.
Quinn shares her plan for the upcoming Forrester Creations fashion show, much to Ridge's dismay.
Ridge mocks acting CEO Quinn as she makes plans for the fashion show.
Quinn offers an olive branch to Steffy, but it comes with a huge, non-negotiable, stipulation that she return to Wyatt.


Despite having chosen not to go through with the surrogacy, Nicole once again finds herself at odds with her half-sister, Sasha, over Zende!
Sasha, Zende and Nicole
A teary Nicole draws her own conclusions when she finds Zende and Sasha in a compromising position on the Forrester jet.
Maya gives Nicole advice about Zende.
Sasha sides with Zende after his fight with Nicole.
Backstage at the Forrester fashion show, Zende and Nicole finally have a heart-to-heart about their situation.
Rick tries to appease Maya, who feels responsible for the rift between Nicole and Zende.


As if things weren't already a mess with Bill, Brooke, Ridge, and Katie, events take some new turns as they cross paths with the drama surrounding Quinn and Eric.
Katie, Bill, Brooke and Ridge
Katie takes the high road when Brooke fills her in on her plight with Bill and Ridge.
Bill reminds Brooke of his intentions, but she gives him a stipulation of her own.
When Brooke tells Ridge about her her request of Bill, Ridge surprises her with a kiss.
Eric invites Katie to the Forrester mansion to watch the fashion show with him.
Katie has ulterior motives when she visits a convalescing Eric.
Quinn shocks Pam with her renegade plans for the fashion show, but Pam has a surprise of her own in store for Quinn.
Eric grants Katie the favor she asks for.
As the fashion show begins, Quinn tries to get Ridge and Steffy on her side and on board with her plan.


Here's a peek at what's coming up next week on B&B!
Who is this talking about?

Jealousy rears its ugly head in a new marriage.
A planned sabotage backfires.



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