Monday, November 21, 2016, Episode #7467

At Stephanie's grave, Ridge asks Brooke to recapture the magic they once had, just as Stephanie would have wanted, so they could run the company and the family together. Taken aback, Brooke asks if he's proposing to her.

Ridge states that he's just trying to show Brooke where he stands. Brooke reminds him that she's already wearing Bill's ring, but Ridge feels that his mother's ring, which he's presenting to Brooke, represents their future together. He tells Brooke he'll understand if she's not ready to put the ring on now. Brooke notes that Ridge doesn't seem like he's ready to give up. He admits that he isn't and decides to keep Stephanie's ring, which is more suited for Brooke, in a safe place until she's ready to accept it.

At Spencer, Bill asks if RJ needs any more tastes of what the Spencer empire represents. RJ says that he's fine, but he wants to know if Bill will make Brooke happy if she decides to marry Bill. Impressed by RJ asking that, Bill responds that Brooke means everything to him. He knows he doesn't deserve Brooke, but he hopes she will overlook that and marry him anyway. Bill also understands that RJ wants his parents back together, but he notes that Brooke is wearing his ring, not Ridge's, so he gives RJ his word that he'll make Brooke happier as his wife than she has ever been in her life.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric comes downstairs looking for Quinn. Scanning the empty room, he spots his cell phone and sees Katie's test telling him she is making an offer on the house next door.

Steffy enters and deduces from her granddad's expression that something's wrong; she asks if Quinn did something. Eric claims that Steffy just caught him in a moment. Wanting to clear the air with Eric, Steffy asks him to believe that all her actions regarding his marriage came from a place of love. Eric states that he knows that; he hopes that with Thanksgiving coming, the whole family will come over, even though his last family invitation didn't go so well. Steffy tells him that they all know if was wrong to boycott the wedding. Eric tells her that Quinn will always be in the picture. Steffy understands that, but she opts to wait and see how things go with Quinn. Eric asks if that means she'll be there. Despite her issues with Quinn, Steffy wants the family together for the holidays, so she says she'll be there and agrees to ask the rest of the family to come. Eric reminds her that Ridge can be stubborn. "Not as stubborn as me," Steffy laughs. Her voice breaking, she asks for a Granddad hug. Eric says that he thought she'd never ask. They embrace.

Steffy asks where Quinn is. Eric shares that he suspects she's next door, and he explains about how Rick told Katie about the house next door being for sale. Once Eric tells her that Quinn may have seen Katie's text about the house and might not be happy about it, Steffy asks if Quinn is jealous of Katie.

Next door, Quinn tells a stunned Katie to find another home because this one isn't an option. Katie argues that this house is perfect since it's close to Will's school and has a great view from the window. "Of one house in particular," Quinn remarks.

Katie states that she's already made an offer on the house, but Quinn persists in griping about having Katie as her neighbor. Quinn sees nothing wrong with living next door to Eric, an old friend of the family; she wonders if Eric would say Quinn is insecure or doesn't trust him upon learning that Quinn was trying to get her not to buy this house. Quinn snaps that she's not insecure; she claims she trusts Eric, but not Katie. Katie thinks Quinn should consider herself lucky to have a man like Eric, who trusts her. Quinn states that she knows she's lucky. Seeing signs of the old, insecure Quinn, the woman Quinn claims she doesn't want to be anymore, Katie advises Quinn to rein it in rather than self-sabotage.

Quinn decides that Katie's right; she supposes that after so many years of seeing threats everywhere and facing opposition from Eric's family, she panicked when she saw the glass with lipstick and decided that Katie must be in cahoots with Rick and the family to get rid of her!

Katie insists she's not plotting anything, but Quinn finds it funny that Rick suggested that Katie buy this house. Katie states that she only answers to her son, who will love this house, and she insists she and Eric are only friends, Quinn apologizes and says that she hopes Katie gets this house. She hugs Katie, thanking Katie for talking her down so she can be who she wants to be, Mrs. Eric Forrester.

When Quinn returns home, she admits to Eric that she saw Katie's text and went to confront Katie. Eric asks how it went. Quinn tells him that Katie gave her some good advice and they ended in a good place. Suggesting that Katie can be a good friend, Eric asks if Quinn would be OK with Katie as a neighbor. Quinn says she would. Eric says he's proud of her. Quinn sighs that she wants to be worthy. Eric assures her that she is; he hugs and her and tells her he loves her. Quinn marvels at how deeply Eric cares about her, noting how protective she is of that. Eric says that he's protective of it, too.

Next door, Amy the realtor tells an excited Katie that the owners accepted her offer. Katie is grateful to Rick, Eric, and Amy for making this possible. Amy steps outside so Katie can enjoy knowing this is her new home. Alone, Katie recalls Eric encouraging her to buy the house and suggesting that Quinn would like a friendly face next door. "I'm home," she sighs.

At Brooke's home, RJ reports to his mom that his time with Bill wasn't awful. Brooke is happy to hear that. RJ explains that Liam gave him a new perspective on Bill, who didn't bully RJ or apply pressure to make RJ like him.

Brooke thinks RJ will get used to Bill's quirks in time. RJ stresses that he wants Brooke to be happy and gets that she's torn between Bill and Ridge. Brooke asks if he's OK with her marrying Bill. RJ says that Bill is better than he thought, especially after he heard Bill express his feelings for Brooke, but he thinks he and Will deserve the chance to have their parents together. Knowing that Brooke will marry Bill, even when she and Ridge still love each other, RJ asks her to do what's right for all of them.

Later, in her bedroom, Brooke recalls happy times spent with Bill, but the words RJ just told her echo in her head, leaving her torn.

While Ridge stands by Stephanie's grave, asking how his mom thinks things went, Bill appears. Ridge asks why Bill is there. Bill says he has Brooke's phone on my GPS. "That's creepy," Ridge quips. Bill counters, "Says the man who lures his ex-wife to his mother's grave site to court her?"

Bill calls Ridge cheesy and slick for tapping into Brooke's grief and desire to please Stephanie. Ridge scoffs. Bill balks at Ridge's inability to accept one of Bill's rare compliment, and he accuses Ridge of playing the "ancient history and destiny" card. Ridge laughs that it's almost like Bill was standing there. Calling it one of his "freakish gifts," Bill argues that Ridge's tricks won't work. Ridge claims that he just told Brooke his intentions, but Bill warns Ridge to stop with the desperate stunts before he needs a place at the family plot. Bill asks how they'll know who Brooke will choose if he's dead. Bill believes Brooke will eventually marry him. Ridge admires Bill's confidence. Bill states that he is sure he knows where things with him and Brooke. Ridge calls Bill a tiny bump on Brooke's journey back to him. Bill tells Ridge to stop living in the past. Ridge states that he and Logan always find their way back to each other. "She's not your Logan anymore. She's my Brooke," Bill responds.

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