Wednesday, November 23, 2016, Episode #7469

Steffy and Liam arrive at the Forrester mansion and get greeted by Eric and Quinn. Quinn thanks Steffy for getting everyone, including Wyatt, together. Steffy says that she couldn't let Wyatt be alone. Liam adds that he and Steffy want to make this painless for Wyatt. "Make what painless?" Wyatt asks as he comes downstairs. Guessing that they were talking about Pam's casserole, he promises to like it.

Ivy enters, and Eric asks how things are in the kitchen. Ivy reports that she got kicked out. Eric laughs that it's probably best to stay out of Pam's way until dinner is served. Steffy gets a text from Thomas, who is spending the holiday with Caroline and her moms in New York.

Bill arrives and greets Wyatt; Bill almost loses it when he sees Quinn's portrait for the first time. "Mom's the lady of the house now," Wyatt reminds him. Brooke arrives with RJ. Bill asks Brooke why she didn't tell him she needed a ride. "She didn't need a ride," Ridge quips as he enters. Bill grimaces and announces that he'll take Brooke home.

Katie and Will arrive. While Will runs to his dad, Katie greets Eric, Ridge, and Wyatt. Quinn hesitates when Katie approaches her, but Katie hugs her and thanks her for inviting her and Will. Quinn says that they have a lot to be thankful for this year.

In the kitchen, Pam and Charlie try to adjust to using an app Charlie found to manage their dinner prep. Katie and Brooke report to help. "Great," Pam sighs.

While Will talks to Steffy in the living room, Bill approaches Ridge and needles him about the first Thanksgiving with Ridge's new stepmom. "Why are you here?" asks Ridge. Bill answers that he came because he's hungry, he was invited, and he's engaged to Brooke.

Maya and Rick arrive, with Nicole behind them carrying Lizzy. Maya sends apologies from her parents since Julius stayed at the hotel to care for a sick Vivienne. After Maya takes Lizzy, Zende approaches Nicole and tells her that she looks beautiful. He wants her to know that he has the ring with him and will carry it until she's ready to change her mind.

Standing with Steffy looking across the room, Ridge praises her for bringing everyone there. She says that she did, admitting that she thinks they can handle one meal together. Maya and Rick see Zende sitting with Nicole and are hopeful. Zende tells Nicole again that he has the ring. She asks if they can not go there; while she cares about Zende, she doesn't want him to push her. Zende agrees to wait until she's ready, whenever that is.

In the kitchen, an alarm signals that the turkey is ready. Smoke billows as Pam takes the bird from the oven. RJ enters to announce that Eric wants everyone in the living room. Brooke, Katie, RJ, Pam, and Charlie file in so Eric can line everyone up for photos for the family members who couldn't be there today. Steffy speaks for everyone, those who are there and who aren't, to express her gratitude that a healthy Eric is there with them. Eric kisses her, and then Quinn kisses him.

Once everyone is seated at the dinner table, Steffy reminds everyone of their tradition to go around the table, with each one of them saying something truthful to the person to their right. She starts with Rick, booping him on the nose and praising him for his dedication to Forrester and his new family. Rick turns to Maya, thanking her for their new daughter; since he wants Lizzy to be as kind and bold and courageous as her mother, he thanks Maya for choosing a life with him. "There's no place I would rather be," says Maya, who turns to her right to Zende and thanks him for all the support and memories he's given Nicole. She hopes there will be many more.

Zende commends Nicole for having a generous spirit that always takes him by surprise; he wants her to know that he respects her and will always care about her. Nicole applauds Charlie's unique perspective on life that not only makes them feel secure but carries a spirit of friendship. Charlie looks at his "little sugar plum," Pam, calling her the light in his oven and saying that he loves her beet salad. Pam turns to Katie and wishes she could be as strong and self-sufficient as Katie is; Katie is touched when Pam compares Katie to Stephanie by having those qualities.

Katie thanks Eric for his friendship, patience, and generosity towards her and her family. She thinks she speaks for everyone in hoping for no more health scares. Eric credits Quinn, to his right, with giving him something to live for. He asks everyone to hold hands so they can feel the warmth he feels with Quinn, and he promises to treasure Quinn as long as he lives. Quinn gazes at him and smiles. She then tells Bill that she doesn't hate him anymore. She knows she has a lot to make up for with everyone there, including Bill, and she's thankful that Bill gave her Wyatt, who brought her so much, including Eric.

Bill looks at Brooke and calls her his most valuable investment, one he can't wait to cash in on when they start their life together. They smile at each other and kiss; across the table, Katie looks away slightly. Brooke thanks Ridge for being a constant companion and supporter and for giving her for one of her most treasured gifts in her life, their son, the "little monster sitting right next to you, all grown up." Ridge smiles and asks, "How did that happen?" He tells Brooke, "Thank you, Logan."

Everyone laughs as Ridge asks RJ, "You are a little monster, aren't you?" He praises RJ for growing into a wise young man who made him focus on something he should have focused on long ago, and he's glad to have RJ back home. RJ says that he's happy to be home among family, including his smart, sophisticated cousin Ivy who taught him to play cricket and to understand what a bowler is. "And it has nothing to do with spares or strikes," Ivy chuckles, grateful that she taught RJ something.

Ivy applauds Wyatt for being dedicated and committed and for being willing to forgive a girl who did some pretty awful things. Wyatt smiles and says that it's long forgotten. Ivy feels honored to call him her friend. Wyatt looks to his right and chuckles that Steffy obviously seated him next to his brother on purpose, hoping they'll get along. "We do, like 90 perc-- 80% -- 60% of the time," Liam remarks. Noting that they share just enough brotherly love and friendly competition, Wyatt admits that he admires Liam's honesty and principles that earn him the respect of others. "You're a good man, Liam, -- and you're a... good... brother," Wyatt admits. "Back at you," Liam responds, smiling.

Liam congratulates Steffy on bringing everyone together today. He calls her joy for life and spirit infectious and says that he's grateful every day to have her in his life. Steffy smiles at him and holds his hand. She thanks everyone, and Eric calls for a toast to this family having a Happy Thanksgiving.

Pam and Charlie bring out the food, and everyone eagerly digs in. Later, Steffy and Liam stand off to the side, observing everyone at the table. Proud of Steffy for getting everyone to put the bad stuff aside for the day, he kisses her and wishes her a Happy Thanksgiving.

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