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So I guess I may have been a bit too ambitious when I last updated two weeks ago. Life threw me a few curveballs that I had to field, and that meant that my plans to get caught up had to slow down a bit.

After taking care of business, I'm back to doing current daily updates. Monday's and Tuesday's updates for this week are now posted, and Wednesday's Sneak Peek is also available now. B&B won't air on Thursday or Friday because of CBS holiday and sports programming, so I'm not going to bother updating the Bulletins page for just one day. Look for B&B Bulletins to be updated again on Thursday or Friday with first looks at next week's shows, with the full preview for next week, along with updates to B&B News, over the weekend.

In the backfill department, daily updates for Oct 18-21 are now available in the Weekly Summaries section. I will continue to post additional updates from the time I was away over the next couple of weeks, in parallel with current Daily Updates. In a few more weeks, we should be caught up again.

Thanks for hanging in there, folks. It may take a bit longer than I originally estimated, but this site will get back to normal schedules soon.

- Scott


So some have you have probably wondered where I've been. It's been over a month since I last updated the site. I can't think of a time in the 20+ years since I started this website that I've been away from it for that long, so it probably left questions in a lot of people's minds.

Sometimes, people don't consider the fact that all the content on this site is created by me. While I had some help with daily updates many years ago, this site's been a one-man show for about the last decade or so. Everything, from daily updates to the spoilers on the Bulletins page to the News pages to the graphics that appear on the site, have my personal touch on them. On the one hand, that shows the love and dedication I have for B&B and for this site. The down side of it, however, is that if my time by the computer is limited, things slow down - and sometimes stop, as they did since late September.

When I have fallen a week or two behind in the past, I've talked about the intrusion of "real life" on this web site. When I am doing this on my own, that's bound to happen. While I love doing this site, I still have real life concerns like family, friends, bills and what have you. Obviously, that stuff has to come first.

The past six weeks or so have been very eventful. During that time, my brother and sister-in-law brought their first child into the world, a beautiful baby girl. There was a lot of anticipation before my niece arrived, and that was only heightened when she finally graced us with her debut into the world in October. On top of that, I have some personal commitments that I am usually able to juggle along with this site, but circumstances required me to give those commitments a little more attention than usual these last few weeks.

Last week, I decided it's time to get back to work here. Catching up on several weeks of content isn't going to be easy, but I'm determined to make it happen. It might require pacing myself with both current and back dated content, but I'm up to the challenge and have already started. B&B Bulletins and News are current for this week. Updates are posted in the Weekly Summary section up to October 17. I am going to try to do one current update and one prior update each day until I fill in all the episodes from October and early November. Some of the back updates will be a bit shorter than my usual ones, but there will still be enough detail to keep readers posted on what happened in those shows.

As I always say on the front page of this site, "'Thank You, for your support of B&B, and this web site."

- Scott

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